Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Our goal was to find out why students thought some of the restrooms were so pleasant--especially those that are utilized by guests to to the campus--while at the same time, facilities mostly used by students are much less appealing. Our group's guess was that more time and attention were put into the popular and new facilities--such as Hagerty Lounge and The Soda Center. On the other side, we have bathrooms that we considered atrocious, such as the ones in the library and the ones found in the freshman dorms--particularly those utilized by mostly Saint Mary's students.

What we found through our interviews was that for the most part, students felt that the newly rejuvenated restrooms would be cleaner than the older restrooms. Whether or not some got more attention than the others is still up to date.

Another interesting finding was that while trying to get a deeper understanding as to what exactly made a restroom appealing for some, we found that convenience--aside from just cleanliness and functionality--played a large factor to some of the students. Whether or not the restrooms in Ferraggio Quad resemble those in the Soda Center wasn't important for those simply looking to find a convenient place to use the restroom. Others judged a restrooms appeal by location and size--concluding that the one outside of Sichel might be too creep and confining.

Our research shows that there is a lot of thought as to why some bathrooms are cleaner than others. Those in the Soda Center have the most non-student traffic so those are made the nicest. Those in the library--where mostly students dwell--don't have to be that attractive.

A next possible step would be to research the cleaning schedules of the restrooms on campus so that we can compare the raw date with student opinions and uncover the truth to the matter.

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