Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some of our Best Photos!


Our goal was to find out why students thought some of the restrooms were so pleasant--especially those that are utilized by guests to to the campus--while at the same time, facilities mostly used by students are much less appealing. Our group's guess was that more time and attention were put into the popular and new facilities--such as Hagerty Lounge and The Soda Center. On the other side, we have bathrooms that we considered atrocious, such as the ones in the library and the ones found in the freshman dorms--particularly those utilized by mostly Saint Mary's students.

What we found through our interviews was that for the most part, students felt that the newly rejuvenated restrooms would be cleaner than the older restrooms. Whether or not some got more attention than the others is still up to date.

Another interesting finding was that while trying to get a deeper understanding as to what exactly made a restroom appealing for some, we found that convenience--aside from just cleanliness and functionality--played a large factor to some of the students. Whether or not the restrooms in Ferraggio Quad resemble those in the Soda Center wasn't important for those simply looking to find a convenient place to use the restroom. Others judged a restrooms appeal by location and size--concluding that the one outside of Sichel might be too creep and confining.

Our research shows that there is a lot of thought as to why some bathrooms are cleaner than others. Those in the Soda Center have the most non-student traffic so those are made the nicest. Those in the library--where mostly students dwell--don't have to be that attractive.

A next possible step would be to research the cleaning schedules of the restrooms on campus so that we can compare the raw date with student opinions and uncover the truth to the matter.

SMC Campus Restrooms - Slideshow

A closer look at some of the restrooms here at Saint Mary's College. For the most part they're all spiffy--however, there are those that do stand out.

Sabrina, Timotheos, & Joey

A group of SMC students describe their views on what makes a bathroom good, whether or not students appreciate the staff, ect.


SMC junior Melissa Weik describes why the best bathrooms--Hagerty & Soda Center--are so clean. Are the bathrooms open to the outside community kept more clean than the ones for students only?

We interviewed Saint Mary's freshman Tashanay Spain to get her opinions on the best and the worst of the campus bathrooms. She argues that the good ones are good because they're newer--like Dryden, and the bad ones are older--like those in Augustine Hall. Bathrooms should be clean because they should be sanitary and it's appealing.

In Conclusion!

Overall this semester was quite the learning experience! The four of us, Kaleb, Victoria, Hurleen, and Lindsay, all came into this course without any prior documentary work. We learned a lot along the way, even though there were a few time where we thought we were going to completely lose it. The coolest part of this project was getting to know the employees of Cafe Louis and the students of the ESL program. By doing these projects we all saw a more intimate side to people we see on a day to day basis but rarely have any communication with. One of the more difficult task that arose during these projects was the culmination of the videos. Between the four of us, neither of us had any experience with final cut pro, which is the software we used to make our documentaries. But somehow some way we got our final projects completed and looking good! A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our interviewees! With out you guys these projects would not have been complete!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on the Waste Project!

For this project we are planning on focusing on the bathroom facilities. More importantly we will be looking into which facilities are cleaner on campus and why. As a group we have a sneaking suspicion bathrooms in office buildings such as Brother Jerome West, Soda Center, and Mckeon Pavilion are a lot cleaner than bathrooms that the student body frequent. We will be interviewing Michael Viola and Trinka whom are in charge of the facilities on campus. We would also interview students and get there input as well! We are excited to see what kind of information we come up with!

Pictures of ESL!

Here are the pictures from our English as a Second Language program! We are really thankful to the employees and students who helped make this project a success! We really appreciate it! Stay tuned for the video! It will be on here very soon!