Sunday, April 25, 2010

Major Progress on the ESL project!

So far the ESL project is the project we have gotten the most work done for! (Wooohoo way to go Lindsay and Kaleb). We have gotten interviews, photo's taken, and also shot most of the footage for the video! We interviewed Ryan Lamberton, who is the community engagement coordinator for CILSA, he does a great job of explaining what the ESL project is and what it entails. We were also fortunate enough to get an interview with Judith Aguayo, who is a student, a Bonner leader for CILSA, and also the one who organizes and puts on the English teaching program. We also interviewed the "students" who are Sodexo and Able employees. They wished that the classes lasted longer and that they will continue taking them as long as Saint Mary's keeps offering them. We just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all the people we interviewed, without you guys this project would not have been possible! Stay tuned for the video of this project! It'll knock your socks off!

Visit these websites if you are at all interested in English as a Second Language Programs!


Due to some major lack in communication on the parts of our contacts we have decided to make an executive decision and drop our "How Does Saint Mary's get it's beautiful reputation?" project. Even though we wanted to stay with this project it was becoming more of a hassle and burden to do so. In doing documentary work it's important to ALWAYS be truthful to yourself and the project at hand, we as a group would find it completely irresponsible to report on something that we didn't have the most accurate information on. Therefore, we will now be doing only three projects. The three projects are the English as a Second Language (video), Cafe Louis (video), and the waste project that deals with the different bathroom facilities on campus and why some are cleaner than others.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Stressful Week!

Even though we were on spring break this week this class was still on all of our minds! Many frantic phone calls were made between the four of us... We were just unsure of where all of our projects were going. But as of today we have finally decided what four projects we will be working on! Our first project is going to deal with how Saint Mary's gets its beautiful reputation, the second project will deal with Cafe Louis and it will pay particular attention to the staff and students who use the facility, third we are going to look into the bathroom facilities on campus and try and figure out why some are nicer than others, and finally we will look at the English as a Second Language program on campus! We are all excited about these projects and finding concrete conclusions regarding them.