Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Does Saint Mary's Get it 'Beautiful Campus' Reputation?

When I tell people I go to Saint Mary's the first response I usually get is "Oh Saint Mary's has such a BEAUTIFUL campus!" It is true, Saint Mary's beauty is undeniable, the white buildings and all the greenery that surround this campus only enhance this reputation. What most people even the ones that are a part of the SMC community fail to think of his how Saint Mary's gets this reputation. All the hard work to make Saint Mary's appear this beautiful falls into the hands of the landscaping crew, who usually work around the clock. We will be documenting these workers and seeing what there job entails. By documenting this we hope that the SMC community and others out there will realize that the people behind Saint Mary's beauty work incredibly hard and are sometimes left unappreciated because most of there work is done extremely early in the morning.

Above are some pictures of Saint Mary's at its best!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!

How green is St. Mary's?

Hurleen Sidu, Kaleb Lawson, Victoria Moore, and Lindsay Swoboda are going to be exploring this questions from a perspective of a women's studies class. We are all participating in a class at St. Mary's College of California called Communication and Social Justice. Part of this class includes the development of 2 video projects, one blog, several still photos, and one book that brings everything we have learned together. These projects include an investigation into the different restrooms on campus and how they change depending on where they are located, a look into the beauty of St. Mary's and how it gets to be so beautiful, and an exploration into the world of recycling for freshman living on campus. Follow us as we discover the answers to some of our questions and explore the "greenness" of St. Mary's College.